Use of DKIM improves deliverability and discourages domain­name abuse.


Google Mail, Yahoo!, AOL and Hotmail, all of them use a DKIM signature, if present in a message, to aid in the decision what to do with that message: deliver it to the Inbox or file it into the folder 'spam' of the recipient.



This website provides information about DKIM, the use of it, the  underlying technology and about DKIM related products and services.


DKIM is the abbreviation of DomainKeys Identified Mail. A technology which enables you to sign outgoing mail messages with a digital signature. The signature provides information to the recipient of the message about the integrity of the message and about the authenticity of the sender address.


Domain name abuse

The technology to exchange mail has been standardized in 1982. At that time, nobody had expected the massive abuse of e-mail that we face today. Hence, no authentication was defined for the sending of e-mail. This means the recipient of a message can not be sure that the message was truly sent by the owner of the e-mail sender address. And, the owner of an e-mail address, can not be sure that his or her e-mail address is not being used by someone else. Spammers massively abuse the sender address and domain name of other people, causing a lot of problems.



The recipient of a message would like to know, whether a message has really been sent by the owner of the sender mail address. This requires authentication during the sending of the message, one way or another. DKIM provides this authentication and enables the recipient of a message to make sure, that the sender address is genuine. Compare it to an ID card: using DKIM, the sender of a message shows an identity card to the recipient of the message.


Primary business process and e-mail

If e-mail is an important part of your primary business process, DKIM provides an essential asset to that business. Do you send newsletters, mailings, confirmations, paid information or electronic invoices by e-mail? Using DKIM, chances of  reaching the Inbox of the recipient, will increase. And in case of electronic invoices, the recipient can verify that the invoice was really sent by you. In both cases DKIM contributes to the success of your company.